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Safed Musli Powder Price at wholesale rates –

Safed Musli is a very popular herb not only in India but also in abroad. Although, it regarded as the energy booster in asthmatic conditions. The roots of the herb also used to strengthen the immune system of the body. In addition, it contains a lot of health benefits which we are providing at affordable or wholesale rates. All pack with vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, alkaloids to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Key Benefits –

  • It is rich in nutrients and other medical properties that can fight against various health problems and improves overall immunity.
  • It contains powerful anti-oxidant properties such as Diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Safed Musli Powder can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
  • It increases strength, muscle growth, tissue recovery as well as restoration.
  • Safed Musli Powder contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat pains associated with arthritis.
  • It is useful in increasing lactation and athletic performance.

100% Best Quality Safed Musli Price 100 gm Powder

Sold by – Dr. Medx

Manufacturer – Ved Prakash and Sons, Achar Bazar Patiala

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